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Port Captain Duties

Port Captain Duties global-supercargo-logistics-cargo-shipping

Expediting port operations in a safe but efficient manner is most important to ensure that port time is kept to a minimum and therefore company revenue to a maximum. (More time spent in port = less profit made)

Global Supercargoes all have well rounded experience and knowledge in the majority of ports, Worldwide to achieve swift and efficient turnaround, keeping customers happy and producing positive revenue for your company.

Global Supercargoes will assist the Master, Operator and Agent to ensure optimum vessel readiness for cargo operations. We can be present before berth calls, and during cargo operations to assist and advise the master on what can often be complex and demanding operations and to achieve an efficient, and most importantly a safe result.


Captain Ronny Furnes

Area: South America
Mobile: +55 13 99136 4350
Email: rf@globalsupercargoes.com
Email: ops@globalsupercargoes.com

Captain Lawrence D’Souza

Area: East & West Coast Canada, Eastern Seaboard USA and USG.
Mobile: +1 416 587 8628
Email: ld@globalsupercargoes.com
Email: ops@globalsupercargoes.com

Captain Jens Andersen

Area: Africa and UAE
Mobile: +45 6037 5445
Email: ja@globalsupercargoes.com
Email: ops@globalsupercargoes.co

Captain Yury Kuzmin

Area: Soviet Union , Middle East , Asia , Far East , Australia & NZ
Mobile: +7 9025 579 536 | +1 832 525 6791
Email: yk@globalsupercargoes.com
Email: ops@globalsupercargoes.com

Captain David Coiley

Area: US Gulf incl Florida , Central America
Mobile: +1 832 879 9025
Email: dca@globalsupercargoes.com
Email: ops@globalsupercargoes.co