Remote Cleaning Services

Ship Inspections

If you are looking at acquiring Additional Tonnage to Trade in Time Charter Mode or alternatively, to Purchase as a More Permanent Investment Asset, it is most important in both cases that the Owner/Operator/Charterer knows the material condition well, and in the case of purchase, more importantly, what factors require attention including costs, which can be used to mitigate the price.

In the case of Time Chartering, it is in the Charterers best interest to not only know if the ship in question is suitable for the intended trade and in an acceptable material condition, but also that those manning and managing the ship also have the required experience and knowledge.

Our Global Supercargoes team will board and undertake a thorough examination of the entire ship. We will also engage a Marine Engineer on the inspection to undertake a full assessment of the machinery. A detailed report will be made on which to base your decision.