Remote Cleaning Services

Special Cargo Handling Equipment

When dealing with some “Special Products”, certain handling equipment is required and GlobalSupercargoes know well what equipment is needed for handling the product in question.

The client will be advised clearly on the equipment required and it’s proper usage together with advice on where to source the equipment.

Global Supercargoes is pleased to introduce our sub-contractor Mac Engineering of Houston, Texas.
Malcolm and Joshua Scott have combined experience of 30 years in the supply, production and maintenance of thermal oil heaters.
Coupled with Global Supercargoes worldwide presence we can now supply thermal oil heating equipment and onboard expertise to solve all your Isocyanate (TDI, MDI, PAPI) carriage challenges.

Special Cargo Handling Equipment - global supercargo

Molasses also requires specific equipment and we can supply booster and stripping pumps globally. With onboard presence of a Supercargo with the correct equipment Molasses discharge and tank cleaning can be done with minimal delay and achieving good discharge rates.

Special Cargo Handling Equipment - global supercargo

Rental of flanges, hoses, fittings, blowers and pumps is a cost effective solution for one off jobs. Please discuss options with your local Supercargo.