Remote Cleaning Services

Remote Cleaning

Global Supercargoes “Virtual” or “Remote” tank cleaning service is revolutionary and unique to our organization in improving results; while controlling costs.

Pioneered by our association members over the past 20 years – remote-cleaning is carried out through distant monitoring – utilizing today’s high tech communication and tank test systems on-board.

This service engages the supercargo as an advisor throughout all stages of the tank cleaning management process.

Planning– the supercargo engages the ship and shore side management in correct selection of tank cleaning equipment; tank cleaning chemicals; and drawing up a detailed tank cleaning plan. This is done well before discharge takes place.

Organizing– the supercargo will liaise with the operator and master to get the deck; crew, tank cleaning plant and machinery organized for optimum cleaning operations. A Gantt graph showing the tank cleaning timeline will be drawn up for the ship to use.

Leadership– Liaising with the master and manager/operator: advising them during the implementation phase of the cleaning.

Control– Monitoring and interpreting tank cleaning results: this is done through digital photography and use of spectrophotometry (both in visible and UV ranges); and so ensuring the ship passes load port surveys, both visual and wallwash. Use of graphing techniques will allow for the cleaning to be analyzed, and ships performance evaluated and the tank cleaning voyage post-mortemed.