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We are an association of individual cargo superintendents, each operating independently as a separate legal entity in its country of residence.  We are united under a common marketing banner, sharing expertise and a vision of quality to best serve the client and achieve for them cost savings and profitable voyages. 

Meet the Team

captain Ronny Fumes

Captain Ronny Furnes

Area: South America

Mobile: +55 13 99136 4350
Email: rf@globalsupercargoes.com
Email: ops@globalsupercargoes.com
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Captain Lawrence D’Souza

Area: Canada, USEC, USG

Mobile: +1 416 587 8628
Email: ld@globalsupercargoes.com
Email: ops@globalsupercargoes.com
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Captain Yury Kuzmin

Area: Soviet Union , Middle East , Asia , Far East , Australia & NZ

Mobile: +7 9025 579 536 | +1 832 525 6791
Email: yk@globalsupercargoes.com
Email: ops@globalsupercargoes.com
Skype: kuzminyn

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Captain Ivar Toennessen 

Area: Americas and Europe
Mobile: +1 425 772 6917
Email: it@globalsupercargoes.com
Email: ops@globalsupercargoes.co


Captain Miso Lucin

Area: EU, UAE and Mediterranean region
Mobile: +3 859 875 6545
Email: ml@globalsupercargoes.com
Email: ops@globalsupercargoes.co

The GlobalSupercargoes team all have substantial experience and knowledge concerning the operations of chemical parcel tankers of all sizes and types in senior positions, they also have a wealth of experience in port operations, supercargo and inspection work both for prospective time charter ships also purchasing of ships as well as pre vetting for sire and cdi inspection preparation.
Berth site evaluation can also be carried out as well as incident/accident/contamination evaluation and investigation so as to mitigate and assist the Master on site, due to being able to attend immediately.