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L&I Spectrometer

Spectrometer- Wallwash / Washing Water Analysis

The L& I Wave II Spectrometer is a superb cost saving analysis tool for any Chemical tanker or shore based facility. The outcome of using this equipment is more efficient and effective tank cleaning,

Global Supercargoes in Houston has a demo model of the Wave II Spectrometer in Houston. We are acting as sales agents for L&I Maritime of the UK on the US Gulf Coast. Our associates in Toronto and Santos also have field units available for use onboard your vessel during cleaning, or for demonstration purposes in case you are interested in acquiring a Wave II Spectrometer.

The Wave II Spectrometer gives a level of certainty to shore based management that –on presenting tanks for loading- an objective means has been used to determine tank cleanliness. This would save costly off-hire situations and delays.

The Wave II Spectrometer measures absorbance of light waves, which are passed through a sample in both Visual and UV spectrums. This produces an objective and definitive value for PTT , COLOUR , CHLORIDE, HYDROCARBON and UV.

Shore side management can then receive data via e-mail and, and in having accurate information they are enabled to make good operational decisions. This data can be in graphical or tabular format for easy interpretation. The Wave II Spectrometer eliminates guesswork and vague descriptions, it is a piece of precision analytical equipment and is an asset in cleaning operations, whether on board or ashore.

The unit is highly accurate, self-calibrating and very simple to use by anyone with a small amount of minimal instruction, resulting in a marked reduction in tank preparation time, and offering the following key benefits:

Cost savings:

  • Greater efficiency & prevention of over-cleaning saves on: time, bunkers and freshwater:- Remember! The “art of tank cleaning’ is knowing when to stop!
  • More effective cleaning means of making sure wallwashes are passed first time; every-time; and so avoiding costly delays

Safety and Environmental Protection:

  • Reducing the number of confined space entries
  • Better efficiency allows for better management of crew rest hours, and less chance of crew going ‘in-the-red’
  • More efficient cleaning reduces emissions, and saves on cleaning chemical use

Most major chemical carriers utilize this equipment, and they have stipulated its use in the ship’s SMS, In-house Tank cleaning guides, and now specify it as a key piece of equipment in their pool and joint-service agreements.

For further information on the unit please contact We would be happy to arrange an office visit on the Gulf Coast, and an onboard demonstration of the Wave II Spectrometer